“Twitter Killer” Threads users surged, surpassing 100 million in 5 days after going online, far more popular than ChatGPT

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of American Internet giant Meta, said on the 10th that the latest social platform Threads launched by him has exceeded 100 million registered users in just 5 days after its launch. As the “fastest growing” app before, it took two months for ChatGPT users to exceed 100 million.

As soon as Threads, dubbed the “Twitter killer” by the media, was released, it had a considerable impact on Twitter’s data performance. According to the estimates of relevant analysis companies, after the platform was launched, the network traffic of Twitter decreased by 5 percentage points compared with the previous week, and decreased by 11 percentage points compared with the same period last year.

Regarding this record, Zuckerberg responded: “This is all natural growth, and we haven’t started to promote it.” Since the interface and functions of Threads are similar to Twitter, Musk once said that Meta stole “commercial secrets” and declared that he would Take it to court, but legal experts believe that such a lawsuit is difficult to fight, and the evidence collection alone is very difficult.

The media said that the emergence of Threads has caused Twitter to lose many “old fans”. Ann Coleman, a 50-year-old citizen of Baltimore, USA, has used Twitter for more than ten years. She and her husband met through Twitter. However, the senior user said that she could not accept Musk’s changes to the Twitter interface and thought he was too “political”, so she turned to Threads. Coleman said she likes the new platform. Threads can be tied to an Instagram account, and the “auto-follow” feature helps her find friends quickly.

According to the report, many Internet bloggers and “net celebrity” groups have also migrated to this new platform recently. It is said that some video bloggers have quickly accumulated millions of fans on Threads. However, some bloggers hold a wait-and-see attitude, thinking that the platform still lacks many important functions, such as private messages, computer-side programs, and hashtags.

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