Trump slams Biden for providing cluster munitions to Ukraine: “Dragging the United States into World War III”

Former U.S. President Trump criticized U.S. President Biden’s decision to provide cluster munitions to Ukraine in a statement on the 11th. He said that Biden’s move was “dragging the United States into World War III.”

“Biden should not have sent cluster munitions to Ukraine, dragging us further into World War III – he should have worked to end the war and stop an incompetent government from causing horrific death and destruction. These unexploded cluster munitions will Killing and maiming innocent Ukrainian civilians for decades to come, even as we pray that the war is over by then,” Trump said in a statement.

The report mentioned that Trump also accused Biden in his statement of his determination to provide Ukraine with a large number of weapons. Ukraine.” “We must stop this madness, immediately end the bloodshed in Ukraine, and refocus on America’s vital interests,” Trump wrote in a statement. However, he did not outline specific measures to end the conflict.

The 500th day of the Russia-Ukraine conflict ended, and on July 7, the United States announced that it would provide Ukraine with cluster munitions. According to Agence France-Presse, this move not only immediately caused protests in the United States, but also Canada, Spain and other countries and the United Nations expressed their opposition to it. In the 2010 Convention on Cluster Munitions, more than 120 countries agreed to ban the use of cluster munitions. However, the United States, Russia, and Ukraine have not signed this agreement. The U.S. provided Ukraine with 155mm M864 cluster shells, which have been in service with the U.S. military since 1987.

During the use of cluster munitions, many unexploded bombs will fall to the ground, which means great danger to the people living in the relevant areas after the war. And even with the so-called “use restraint measures”, there are many uncontrollable factors in actual combat, and it is difficult to achieve the goal of not harming civilians.

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