The host of the NATO summit: I hope Zelensky will come to the meeting, and the result will not disappoint Ukraine

The 2023 NATO summit will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania. Lithuanian President Nauseda said that the results of the summit will not disappoint Ukraine.

Agence France-Presse reported on July 5 that Lithuanian President Nauseda told him in an interview on July 4: “I have a feeling that a solution will be found that will not disappoint the Ukrainians.”

He also pointed out that as for Zelensky’s most ambitious plan, he won’t get everything he wants, but he will certainly get a lot.

Nauseda also said that Lithuania and several other countries support a stronger signal to Ukraine in the summit declaration. Zelensky was also asked to come to the summit.

Zelensky said last week that he hoped the NATO summit would give a very clear signal that Ukraine would become a NATO member after the end of the war with Russia. If expectations are not met, Zelensky will cancel plans to visit Vilnius, the Ukrainian government said.

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