The battle between Musk and Zuckerberg escalates!

Zuckerberg’s first post on the new app: Welcome to Threads

Zuckerberg’s Meta company launched a new social application called Threads on the 5th local time, posing the “biggest threat to date” to its rival Musk’s Twitter platform.

Zuckerberg posted the first post on the new APP. The picture comes from the Yahoo News report.

“Let’s get started. Welcome to Threads,” Zuckerberg wrote in the nascent platform’s first post.

Earlier, Zuckerberg announced on the 3rd that Meta would launch a new application called Threads, which was considered to be intended to compete with Musk’s Twitter platform. According to a CNN report on the 4th, the advantage of Threads is that it can directly synchronize Instagram users and fans, and has the attributes of Twitter to release public information. Special Killer”. According to reports, Threads will provide a free service, there is no limit to the number of posts users can view, and the interface will look almost identical to Twitter. In this regard, one of the founders of Twitter released a screenshot of the Threads data policy, saying that the APP will collect a large amount of user information.

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