Introduction to Investment Varieties–Others


Commodities can be divided into 3 broad categories:

Agricultural commodities: including food crops (cocoa, cotton, corn, coffee, etc.), livestock (pigs, live cattle, etc.) and commercial crops (timber, woodland, etc.).
Energy commodities: including natural gas, crude oil, petroleum, coal, uranium, ethanol, electricity, etc.
Metal Commodities: Includes base metals (eg iron ore, zinc, aluminum, nickel, steel) and precious metals (eg gold, silver, palladium, platinum).

In the financial market, commodities can be tracked through financial products such as futures. In addition to tracking commodity prices, futures can also track money markets (foreign exchange futures), stock markets (stock index futures), bond markets (bond futures), etc. It is a complex financial product, refer to the basic knowledge of futures

However, for some precious metals such as gold, the threshold for physical investment is not high. Now some banks provide wealth management products for physical gold investment.

#real estate

Real estate investment is a very old investment, and the amount of capital required is not small. In addition, real estate is greatly affected by national policies.

#domain name

Domain name is no longer a new way of investment, it is still a scarce product in essence, and some bigwigs made their first pot of gold by investing in domain name.

Famous paintings, antiques, stamps, etc.: The key to this type of investment is to be able to identify it, and this type of investment is generally not short-term speculation.
Jewelry and diamonds: Diamonds, pearls, and gemstones are actually three things. The key to investment is to be able to pick goods, and you must have a stable and reliable source of goods.
Coins: This is a small crowd, but it is actually a very old investment product. A coin can be worth thousands or millions. Investing in coins requires a lot of learning, and it is best for someone to bring them along.

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