Indian officials have a “trick” to solve the high price of tomatoes: don’t eat them all, or grow them at home

Tomato prices in India have risen sharply, putting financial pressure on Indian households. According to “India Today” and other Indian media reports on July 24, in response to this situation, an official in Uttar Pradesh said, “If people don’t eat it, the price of tomatoes will drop” and encouraged people to use lemons instead or grow tomatoes at home.

Shukla, Minister of Women’s Development and Child Nutrition of Uttar Pradesh, India, said on the 23rd: “If tomatoes are expensive, people should grow them at home. If no one eats tomatoes, then the price will inevitably drop. You can also use lemons instead of tomatoes. To save money, you can consider growing tomatoes in pots or growing vegetables in the backyard, so that you no longer need to buy vegetables, but you can eat whatever you grow.” She believes that reducing the purchase of expensive commodities will lead to lower prices because no one will buy them.

According to Indian media, factors such as extreme high temperature and insufficient production are considered to be the main reasons for the rise in tomato prices across the country. Now, the price of a tomato in India is close to what a kilogram cost a few months ago.

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