Fossil fuel supporter addresses Senate Republican members

Republican senators heard from fossil-fuel advocate Alex Epstein during a closed-door lunch Wednesday.

The director of the Center for Industrial Progress has written, among other books, The Future of Fossil: Why the World Needs More Oil, Coal and Natural Gas for Human Prosperity ) author Epstein talked to a conservative organization

“I’m basically speaking to one of the most prominent political offices in our party,” Epstein said, adding that the topics he’s been invited to write about and elsewhere aren’t the same topics he usually talks about. case.

“I basically advocate for so-called energy independence policies and then I try to explain why I care about those policies and how to deliver them effectively, so it’s basically an introduction to my messaging approach,” he said.

He did not say who invited him or what the senator said, but said he was not paid for the visit.

Hopefully this will lead to better messaging and better policy, Epstein said. He also provided the Senators with a signed copy of Fossil Future.

At lunch with his book, John F. Kennedy was present.

Sen. Kevin Kramer (R-N.D.) said the speech was “good … he was amazing.”

“Those fossil fuels are doing more to lift people out of poverty,” Kramer said.

Republicans recently tried to convince Democrats on environmental and justice issues to prove that fossil fuels provide a net benefit to humanity

Sen. Steve Danes (R-Montana) said Epstein’s speech was “very good, very thoughtful, very intelligent.”

Epstein believes that fossil fuels have greatly benefited humanity by dramatically reducing poverty, improving security and boosting the global economy.

He argues that the energy benefits of increasing fossil fuel production and consumption far outweigh any risks and mitigate the effects of fossil fuel-induced climate change

In previous reports, Democrats and environmentalists accused him of being “white-collar workers” at a congressional hearing in March, which he vehemently denied.

Epstein acknowledged that fossil fuel interests took over his think tank.

In recent years, his ideas have been embraced by Republicans, who have invited him to speak at congressional hearings and other events.

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