Elon Musk: Now may be the deepest period in human history, and the number of robots on Earth will exceed humans in the future

On July 6, at the opening ceremony of the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in his speech that in the future, artificial intelligence will have a very profound role and influence on the evolution of human beings, including civilization. , the number of robots on the earth in the future will exceed the number of humans.

Musk pointed out that while seeing the explosive growth of digital computing power, the most critical indicator to consider is the ratio of machine computing power to biological computing power, that is, how powerful humans can do calculations, and how powerful computers and machines can be. Calculation, then what is the ratio of the computing power of computers and humans.

Musk believes that the above-mentioned ratio is getting higher and higher every year, which means that the gap between the computing power of machines and creatures is further widening, which means that after a period of time, compared with machine intelligence, artificial intelligence has a higher level of overall intelligence. The proportion in the middle will become lower and lower, which will be a fundamental and deep change, and the impact it will bring is difficult to understand now.

However, Musk believes that now may be the most profound period in human history. Tesla’s humanoid robots are still in the development stage and are in a relatively early stage, but there will be a lot of robots in the future, the ratio of robots and humans , from the present point of view, a certain stage will exceed 1:1, that is to say, the number of robots on the earth will exceed the number of humans in the future.

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