Director of China Foreign Affairs Office Meets with President of Japan Association for the Promotion of International Trade

Wang Yi expressed that this year marks the 45th anniversary of the signing of the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship, and the relationship between the two countries is at a new critical juncture. There is a saying in China that contains Eastern philosophy called keeping integrity and innovating. As far as China-Japan relations are concerned, maintaining integrity means adhering to the principles established in the four political documents, consolidating the political foundation for the healthy development of bilateral relations, taking history as a mirror, looking to the future, and adhering to the path of peaceful development. Innovation is to build a Sino-Japanese relationship that meets the requirements of the new era on the basis of keeping the integrity, eliminate external interference, implement the political consensus that each other is a cooperative partner and does not pose a threat to each other, and jointly maintain the hard-won peace and stability in Asia. Japan has taken a series of negative moves on the Taiwan issue in recent years. Some people advocate that “whatever happens to Taiwan means what happens to Japan.” It is hoped that Mr. Kono and CCPIT will carry forward their fine traditions, strengthen their confidence in cooperation, oppose “decoupling and broken chains”, and make new contributions to the improvement and development of China-Japan relations.

Kono Yohei said that Japan-China relations have gone through a long journey, and cooperation has brought benefits to both sides. I will never forget the shock and surprise when the two countries normalized their diplomatic relations. The past history should not be forgotten, the feelings of the year should be inherited, and the promises made should be kept. If you look at the long term, you can find a way to overcome the difficulties. The business community generally does not agree with politicizing economic issues, and “decoupling and breaking chains” is not in the interests of any party. During this visit to China, China’s development momentum and vitality are refreshing. The two sides should make joint efforts to promote the improvement and development of Japan-China relations and cooperation in Asia.

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