Chinese Premier Li Qiang meets US Treasury Secretary Yellen and talks about this “world need”

The news that China’s State Council Premier may meet with the U.S. Treasury Secretary in Beijing has attracted international attention for a simple reason—in terms of rank, Yellen is a minister. When she visited China, assuming that the Chinese side received her as the Minister of Finance, in terms of reciprocity in foreign affairs activities, or in terms of etiquette, it was enough to meet the standard.

And assuming that the prime minister will come forward, of course it will show how much China attaches importance to American guests.

When meeting with Yellen, the Premier of the State Council of China stated very frankly——

The world needs an overall stable Sino-US relationship. Whether China and the US can get along correctly has a bearing on the future and destiny of mankind.


The United States is the world’s largest economy,

China is the second largest economy in the world.

If the relationship between China and the United States is good, the world economy will be stable and sound, and the whole world will become better. And if the relationship between China and the United States is not good, it will be difficult for the current world to have a good one.

Of course, China did not say that it would accommodate the United States in everything. Even more so in the United States. There is no such habit among big countries. The so-called “overall stability” actually refers to the fact that the relationship between the two parties must be controllable. In particular, those in power on both sides should not deliberately bring the relationship between the two countries into an uncontrollable state.

Since the top leaders of China and the United States successfully met in Bali, Indonesia last year and reached a series of important consensus, China and the United States should have done a lot of things together. After all, this meeting charted the course for Sino-US relations.

But what about the American side? From “vagrant balloons” to arms sales to Taiwan, all kinds of troubles continue. Does such an approach run counter to the consensus reached at the Bali meeting?

It is precisely because of this that the US claimed that Secretary of State Blinken’s visit to China was once canceled by the US itself. Then, he said that he might come.

Anyway, in mid-June, Blinken visited China. Now, less than a month later, Yellen is visiting China again.

The successive visits of senior US officials to China certainly show that the US attaches great importance to its relations with China. This point can indeed be viewed more positively. But what about the future? If the U.S. is doing its own thing when senior officials visit China, then it is lying!

On July 5, Xinhua News Agency published a special article “From “Decoupling” with China to “Removing Risks”——Based on the “Risk Control” Lies of American “Political Liars””, which made an in-depth analysis of some people in the United States. , friends who are interested may wish to take a look.

I believe that the Yellen team who came to Beijing will see this feature article, and even the English translation. How the U.S. treasury secretary should think deeply and how not to be a liar really requires political wisdom!

Looking back, in the past few decades, the contrast in economic development momentum between China and the United States is indeed very stark. The United States regards China as a “risk”, and its essence is that it lacks a correct understanding of China. It believes that the hegemony will be transferred, and the lost former boss will be very miserable.

Judging from the hegemony transfer since the Age of Discovery, there is indeed such a precedent. And it was precisely after seeing these precedents that the United States attacked Japan, the Soviet Union, etc. successively.

China is not the Soviet Union. The economic relationship between China and the United States is so deep that it is rare in history between the first and second economies. At least at the moment, the United States cannot use the “Cold War” approach to deal with China that it used to deal with the Soviet Union.

China is not what Japan was back then. China is a sovereign and independent country and a victorious country in World War II. It defeated the “United Nations Army” led by the United States in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. In other words, China is not afraid of the United States militarily.

China knows better that peace is the most important thing between China and the United States! The United States should see that China’s rise does not intend to overthrow the United States.

Can’t we all develop together? Is it not good? Isn’t it fragrant? The United States may never think about this issue from the perspective of all mankind or global interests. Assuming that there is a common enemy between China and the United States, assuming it is aliens, will China and the United States unite?

Then why not set common development and create a better tomorrow as the direction of joint efforts of both parties?

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