CBlinken just left, why did Yellen come again?

As agreed by China and the US, US Treasury Secretary Yellen will visit China from July 6 to 9. This is another senior US official’s visit to China after US Secretary of State Blinken’s visit to China in mid-June this year. This also marks that the high-level contacts that were interrupted due to the “balloon incident” after the meeting between the leaders of China and the United States in Bali last year have gradually returned to the right track.

“Blinken and Yellen’s visit to China proves that the Biden administration does not lack the courage to engage with China.” On July 4, the former Assistant Secretary of State of the United States and the Asia Society Policy Research Institute of the United States came to Beijing to attend the 11th World Peace Forum. Daniel Russell, vice president of ASPI, said in an exclusive interview with China News Weekly.

Russell pointed out that although Sino-US relations have not yet bottomed out, and the domestic political reality of the United States has also affected the Biden administration’s more flexible China policy, since Blinken’s visit to China, Sino-US contacts and dialogues have shown a positive trend. He especially emphasized that Blinken and Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang not only held a long formal meeting, but also had a working lunch together. This kind of “informal dialogue” can give the two sides a space for candid exchanges. Time can be used a lot in high-level meetings.

Russell, 69, has long served in the US State Department and the National Security Council of the White House. From 2013 to 2017, he served as the Assistant Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific Affairs of the US State Department.

Affected by the new crown epidemic, this is Russell’s first visit to China in three years. He said with emotion that his first impression was “Beijing’s innocence blue”. Recently, affected by the wildfires in Canada, Russell saw gray and hazy outside the window of his New York home, which reminded him of the smog he experienced in Beijing. And now, “Beijing’s air improvement is positive and significant, and I congratulate the people here for this important achievement.”

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