Bulgarian President: Ukraine insists on continuing the war, and the whole of Europe pays for it

Ukraine wants to keep the war going, but the whole of Europe is paying for it! “On July 14, local time, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev (Rumen Radev) slammed Ukraine at a press conference. He also opposed the West’s continued supply of weapons to Ukraine. Radev’s remarks immediately triggered the Ukrainian side. dissatisfaction.

Radev talked about the recent NATO summit held in Vilnius at a press conference on the 14th. Radev told reporters that he wanted to make it clear that “Ukraine (hope) insists on continuing the war.” He also mentioned: “But we should also understand that the whole of Europe has to pay for this.”

At the same time, Radev opposed the continued supply of weapons to Ukraine, saying that doing so would only prolong the conflict.

“Our (European) leaders are frantically trying to convince us that providing military aid will actually enhance our security, yet this conflict is festering and the casualties are getting higher and higher,” he said.

Shortly after Radev made the above remarks, Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov responded on the same day that he did not agree with his statement. Denkov said that it is in the national interest of Bulgaria to end the conflict, withdraw Russia’s troops from Ukraine and allow Ukraine to join NATO. It is Russian President Vladimir Putin who insists on fighting the war, not Ukraine. The fastest way to stop the war is to let Russia withdraw its troops.

The Ukrainian embassy in Bulgaria said in a statement on the 16th that Kiev is making every effort to restore peace in the country, and that blaming Ukraine for the conflict is just “a common Russian propaganda tactic.”

Radev is considered a “pro-Russian faction” by some media and has long opposed military aid to Ukraine. He earlier refused to participate in the EU’s joint initiative to provide ammunition to Ukraine. Radev believes that its duty is to protect its own country in times of regional conflict, and once again called for a peaceful solution to related issues.

Not long before the NATO Vilnius summit was held, Ukrainian President Zelensky once “quarreled” with Radev.

Zelensky visited Bulgaria in July and June at the invitation of Denkov. The US “Politician” News Network disclosed that Radev had been avoiding the use of the word “war” and replaced it with the word “conflict” during talks with Zelensky. Zelensky was not too happy to correct that what happened in Ukraine was a “war”, not just a “conflict”.

What made Zelensky even more dissatisfied was that Radev refused to provide weapons and equipment to Ukraine, and also said that “no amount of weapons can solve the essential problem of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.”

According to the report, Zelensky satirized Radev in a “contemptuous and vitriolic” tone: “No, you, as a real president, I believe you will not allow compromise on independence. You have the right not to Supports aid to Ukraine, but I really hope you get me right.”

Regarding Zelensky’s visit to Bulgaria and other countries, Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov responded on the 6th that the Kiev regime is doing everything possible to almost directly drag as many countries as possible into this conflict. “Many countries have been directly or indirectly involved in this conflict. We will discuss this issue with the Bulgarians.”

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