Biden said the United States was short of ammunition, and American conservatives criticized it: leaked

The decision of the United States to agree to provide cluster munitions to Ukraine has aroused unanimous condemnation from the international public opinion, and the words of US President Biden in an interview with the US media recently caused an uproar in his country.

According to reports, during the interview, Biden casually “leaked” a “potentially sensitive fact” related to the US military-the shortage of ammunition in the US, which was slammed by American conservatives. And China is inexplicably “laying guns”. American podcast host Steve Geist accused Biden of blurting out information that should have been classified as state secrets, and cursed: “It’s too stupid, doesn’t he worry that China will hear it?” ?”

On July 7 local time, the White House of the United States announced that it will send cluster munitions to Ukraine for the first time, aiming to help Ukraine replenish ammunition.

In a recent interview with CNN ahead of his trip to Europe, Biden defended his administration’s delivery of cluster munitions to Ukraine, saying it was a “difficult decision” to supply Ukraine with the controversial munitions, but he was convinced it was “necessary.” “, because Ukraine is running out of ammunition.

RT reported that at the same time, Biden also revealed a “potentially sensitive fact” about the US military-the lack of ammunition for US 155mm artillery shells.

He said, “This is a war about ammunition. They (Ukraine) are running out of ammunition, and we (the United States) are running out of ammunition. So what I finally did is, I took the advice of the Department of Defense, (This decision) is not permanent, but allows for a transition period (ammunition production increase) to provide Ukrainians with more 155mm shells.”

Biden also mentioned that although the United States has not signed the “Cluster Munitions Convention”, it took him a long time to be persuaded to agree to this move, “The main thing is that they have weapons that can stop the Russians from attacking. I think they need these weapons.”

According to Fox News, Biden’s public acknowledgment of the ammunition shortage in the United States in a national television interview has puzzled many American conservative authorities and experts, and the reaction on social media has also changed from “confusion to anger.”

Conservative critics such as American podcast host Steve Guest believe that Biden has casually leaked content about state secrets, “Biden broadcast to the world that the United States is short of 155mm artillery shells. This is too stupid. He Don’t you worry that China will hear it?”

Many Republican lawmakers believe that Biden’s statement proves that the U.S.-led military aid to Ukraine has caused “backlash” and weakened the U.S.’s own defense capabilities.

Sen. J.D. Vance, R-Ohio, said, “I’ve warned about this many times over the past year, and surprisingly, Biden conceded, saying we’re running out of 155mm shells. Ukraine war Great damage to our national security.”

Arizona Republican Congressman Andy Biggs (Andy Biggs) also said that given that Biden has acknowledged the shortage of ammunition in the United States, the United States should not send more ammunition to Ukraine because “America comes first.”

Some lawmakers mentioned that the West is using the conflict in Ukraine to start a “proxy war” against Russia. American podcast host and technology entrepreneur David Sacks (David Sacks) said that although Washington’s defense spending far exceeds that of Russia, it seems that the Biden administration’s strategy seems to be counterproductive.

“The purpose of a proxy war is to weaken Russia, but the US ran out of ammunition first. So, who is weakening whom?” he asked rhetorically on Twitter.

According to Fox News, an unnamed White House official refuted Biden’s statement. He said that the military aid to Ukraine did not cause a shortage of ammunition supplies in the United States. There are specific requirements for weapon systems and ammunition quantities … the United States itself is not experiencing ammunition shortages.”

The official further defended the administration’s approval of the supply of cluster munitions to Ukraine, saying the U.S. was doing so to ensure Ukraine would not “lose its defenses.”

“This is done to ensure that Ukraine is not defenseless while it waits for a significant increase in domestic munitions production. We are doing this, and so are our allies and partners,” he added. “These cluster munitions It is the bridge for us to significantly ramp up ammunition production in the coming months, and soon our production will be significantly higher.”

But in fact, since Biden made the decision to provide Ukraine with “controversial weapons”, he has not received the support of allies such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and New Zealand. The United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross and at least 38 international human rights organizations also voiced their objections, which undoubtedly shows the growing concern of the Western society over this decision.

The UK is one of the signatories to the Convention on Cluster Munitions, an international convention that explicitly prohibits the use of such weapons. Currently, 111 countries including the UK, France, Germany, New Zealand, and Spain have signed the treaty, and the US is not included. Cluster munitions have been recognized as responsible for the deaths of large numbers of innocent civilians over the decades.

U.S. allies are troubled by cluster munitions aided to Ukraine”, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on this topic on the 9th that the highly controversial decision of the Biden administration has kept its allies at a distance from them. Some analysts believe that, This has caused dissatisfaction among its allies, “to some extent there is a risk of breaking the harmony within NATO.”

The United States used air-dropped cluster munitions in Southeast Asia in the 1970s, and Cambodia suffered greatly. Recently, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen clearly stated on social media that “the decision of the United States will cause a century-old disaster to the Ukrainian people.”

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman Kanani also tweeted his condemnation, saying that the U.S. decision to supply Ukraine with cluster munitions showed the U.S. determination to continue to prolong the war and further complicate the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“This action is a manifestation of the destabilization of the United States and another example of the United States exporting weapons without bottom line and causing more killing and destruction,” Kanani wrote.

However, the U.S. government turned a blind eye to possible civilian casualties. When talking about the dangers of cluster munitions, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Colin Carr said that the worst thing that could happen to Ukrainian civilians was that Russia won the war.

Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman even praised the Biden administration for “doing the right thing”, “Instead of letting this war go on indefinitely, it is better to draw a clear end to this war. A fairly humane approach.”

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