Biden focuses on energy and economic stability

Joe Biden is scheduled to give a speech in Chicago on Wednesday to outline his economic policies, including federal investment in clean energy technology.

White House officials are calling the speech in Chicago a “keynote” where the president will discuss his economic outlook. The White House said it will include “a vision to grow the economy from the middle, from the bottom up, not from the top down.”

Clean energy investments are expected to be a priority in his speech, following last year’s climate legislation.

“We’re doing it by carefully investing in sectors important to the U.S. economy and national security, focusing on infrastructure, clean energy, and semiconductors, and increasing private investment. ” The National Economic Council spoke to reporters at the White House on Tuesday.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, Biden is trying to build public support for his administration’s policies, including investing in climate legislation and energy. Democrats called it the Anti-Inflation Act.

“We are focused on implementing the wonderful, historic legislation that this president has put in place over the past 2.5 years and demonstrating that this is a strategy that needs to be kept on track. We can We continue this economic progress and you can’t reduce it,” said White.

He pointed to efforts by House Republicans to repeal the Clean Energy Investment Act.

Dalton responded to reports that Ford Motor Co. is considering to lay off at least 1,000 salaried and contract workers in North America. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the investments are the automaker’s latest efforts to offset the cost of investing in electric vehicles.

“Obviously, if someone loses their job and loses their wages, that’s what we’re concerned about. “The president is very knowledgeable and kind of like a family,” Dalton said.

“We’re moving forward with his ambitious climate plan at the same time,” he said of the agency’s climate and energy investment, “and bringing back hundreds of thousands of clean energy jobs, manufacturing and supply chain to the United States.” “

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