Biden does not support Ukraine joining NATO now: that means we are at war with Russia

In an interview with CNN anchor Zakaria that day, US President Biden, who is about to go to Lithuania to participate in the NATO summit, explained why he believes that the time for Ukraine to join NATO is not yet ripe. He said that because the Russia-Ukraine conflict is still ongoing, if Ukraine joins now, it means “we are at war with Russia”.

According to CNN, Biden will start a week-long visit to Europe this Sunday, including attending the NATO summit in Lithuania. Ahead of the visit, Biden told Zakaria that “Russia’s war in Ukraine” needed to end before NATO could consider Ukraine. However, he also said that although it is not yet ripe for Ukraine to join NATO, the United States and its NATO allies will continue to provide Zelensky and the Ukrainian army with the weapons and equipment they need.

According to reports, Biden said, “I don’t think there is a consensus within NATO on whether to include Ukraine in the NATO family now, and now (Ukraine) is at war.” He explained, “For example, we have made a commitment that every inch of (NATO members’) territory is NATO territory, no matter what. If you do that (include Ukraine), if the war is going on, then we all In war. If that’s the case, we’re at war with Russia”.

Recently, Ukraine has been urging NATO members to make a clear decision on whether to accept Ukraine. Based on previous reports from the British “Financial Times” and the US “Newsweek” and other foreign media, Zelensky said in June that if Ukraine is not provided with real security guarantees and a road map for joining NATO, Ukraine will refuse Attend the NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania in July. However, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on June 16 after a two-day meeting of NATO defense ministers that inviting Ukraine to join NATO would not be a topic of discussion at the Vilnius summit. Stoltenberg also mentioned that NATO parties are preparing to establish a new “NATO-Ukraine Council”, under this framework, Ukraine and NATO countries will negotiate security issues on an “equal” basis. Biden said on June 17 that the United States will not “simplify” the process of Ukraine joining NATO, and that Ukraine still needs to meet all relevant prerequisites for joining the treaty.

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