Biden: Democrats are bragging about the energy investments they oppose

On Thursday, Joe Biden mocked the Republicans in Congress for boasting that the laws they voted to promote investment in their regions.

Biden traveled to South Carolina on Thursday to make a clean energy investment in a solar technology plant. He introduced the Climate Change Act, an important piece of infrastructure and investment legislation.

Since taking office, Biden said, “We have attracted $500 billion, or $497 billion, in private investment in American manufacturing in America and around the world.”

The implementation of all these laws will have a “transformational effect,” he said. “Every member of the council who voted against it suddenly knew how big it was. They were proud of it. My mother said, ‘God loves them.'”

This is one of the many visits by Biden and his officials to the red zone, which saw investment in the clean energy sector through legislation passed with the support of the majority of Democrats. As the 2024 campaign heats up, Democrats point out that Republicans who opposed the law are now scoffing at investments in their regions.

Biden said all Republican members of Congress voted against the climate bill. “All the Republicans in the House voted to eliminate the clean energy provision of the deregulation that eliminated all of these jobs,” he said at a rally in South Carolina.

Those efforts haven’t stopped Republican lawmakers from “saying billions of dollars in revenue and thousands of jobs flowing to America,” Biden said.

He also mentioned that Dalton, Georgia, home to a solar farm whose expansion plans have been included in the climate bill.

“You may find it hard to believe, but this is [Rep.] Marjorie Taylor-Green’s district,” Biden said. “I’m going to the groundbreaking ceremony.”

Greene said the articles of impeachment against the president earlier this year. He also called Qcells Solar in his area “terrible.”

Biden said Thursday that the law he signed “will help red America more than blue America,” according to some analysis. I like it because we are all Americans. “

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