American meteorologist: The earth is pushed to the brink of destruction and is screaming at us

Many places in the United States are experiencing rare sustained high-temperature weather. American meteorologists believe that the earth is being pushed to the edge of a cliff, and humans should be vigilant.

High temperatures are currently hitting southern Texas, southern Florida and the U.S. Southwest the hardest. But by the weekend, the hottest temperatures will reach the Southwest, making parched cities like Phoenix even hotter.

Yes, it’s summer, the report says. Yes, these places should be hot. But it shouldn’t be this hot and it shouldn’t be this long. Meteorologists and climate scientists are concerned about the duration of the current heat wave.

“The Earth is screaming at us right now, and people need to listen, and this should be a wake-up call that this is not normal,” said Bernadette Woods Placky, the US’s chief meteorologist and director of climate affairs.

“With so many record-breaking heat events, we’re pushing the planet to the brink of destruction, we’re entering uncharted territory globally,” Plaki said.

“This puts us in a whole new climatic zone that pushes our temperatures higher and for longer periods of time,” Plaki explained. “This has huge implications for human health in many different ways.”

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